AWBIS® Central America
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 “Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society – Central America”

Acupuncturists Without Borders Central America is managed by ASFLAT® Acupuntores Sin Fronteras de Latinoamérica in binding to ASFALC® Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales of Latin american and Caribbean, under the supervision of ASFWHO® Acupuntores sin Fronteras – World Humanitarian Organization.

Is being integrated a Central American Committee and voted in 2015.

We invite you to visit this site from the countries of the region, if you want to be part You can Register for free to help in any way, in their time available. Everyone with their unique qualities, and eager to help are welcome to the international community of AWBIS® Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society. Contact Us with any questions!

We give our warmest welcome.


A non-governmental non-profit organiza-tion, NGOs, and already reached more than 60 years in the world, but since 1969 it is set in Latin America in the quest to unite the people and Oriental Medicine Professionals, and those wishing help in different areas.

Established in 2012, the Gratuity of the Membership, which allows to register any person who wants to help.

Since 2010, we have been working hard to have more representatives in each country in Latin America. Do you want to Join?

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We are ASFCAM® of AWBIS®

We are made ​​up of individuals, professionals and non-professionals, united in a common goal: To help in various circumstances normal and emergency. 

We conducted from 60 years ago, humanitarian aid campaigns and attention by the Traditional Oriental Medicine and related therapies and do and have done throughout the world.

Do not forget… you’re AWBIS®. 

To learn more we recommend entering the web of your country to be able to see our activities. List ASFCAM® from Here.

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We assist in the preservation of the health of all people with Acupuncture and Therapeutic treatments of high quality, helping in all circumstances, where necessary, with Professional Volunteers and Auxiliary excellently trained. 

We give attentions: with Acupuncture and other therapies in different parts of the world, where attention is required.

Also in Natural or Caused Disasters, we have protocols for emergencies. Under normal attentions free or low cost community attention.

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